Located in a truck gallery parked around Los Angeles and online, Gas was a mobile, autonomous, experimental and networked platform for contemporary art. Each season, Gas would present one thematic exhibition that includes works in the gallery and online. All shows included a fundraiser edition and a zine publication.

The shows at Gas were adventurously multidisciplinary and experiential, and every aspect – the truck gallery, web projects, performances, publications, editions – played an equally important role in presentation. The space’s inherently itinerant and fluid format allowed considerable independence and creative freedom in terms of concept, site, format, audience, and engagement.

Launching in Fall 2017 with the exhibition Fuck the Patriarchy and closing in Winter 2020 with bless our breath, Gas exhibited work by numerous artists and partnered with museums, artist-run spaces, galleries, libraries, and educational institutions to park and present the mobile gallery truck. The space was fueled by a desire to collaborate closely with artists to create experiences that foster community and connection while imagining alternative forms of cultural and critical production.

Gas was a test case for thinking through the larger sustainability and viability of an arts community rooted in a grassroots approach, outside of traditional models. This sensibility is shaped by the greater arts eco-system within Los Angeles. Independent arts spaces form an essential backbone to the city’s cultural life, and the existence of Gas is very much indebted to that rich history. By preserving the activities of the space as an online archive, I hope that it will inspire others to generate their own spaces, on their own terms.

With gratitude,
Ceci Moss, Founding Director

Gas gallery hand drawn truck logo

Thank you to the artists and curators who worked with Gas:

Agustine Zegers, Alice Yuan Zhang, Allyson Church & Greta Skagerlind, Amanda Baum & Rose Leahy, Amanda Vincelli, Ana Roldán, Andil Gosine, Andrea Tirrell, Angela Chan / algaela, Angela Washko, Angélica Maria Millán Lozano, Ann Hirsch, Antonia Wright, C. Lavender, Cara Benedetto, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Catriona Sandilands, Charlie Ehrenfried, Corinne Teed, Cristina Victor, Dahn Gim, Darya Diamond, David Kim, Edgar Xochitl, Elina Minn, Eliza Swann (Golden Dome), Emily Harter, Emily Jones, Erick Medel, Estraven Lupino-Smith, Feminist Culture House, Gallery Y2K, Haley Bueschlen, Hayley Barker, Ian James, Institute of Queer Ecology, Invisible Labor, Jack Schneider, Jenni Laiti, Jibz Cameron, Jules Gimbrone, Kathy Cho, Ki Nurmenniemi, Kimi Hanauer, Lauren Satlowski, Lee Pivnik, Les U. Knight, Louise Rosendal, Lucy Cleek, Luis Angel Zepeda, Mandy Harris Williams, Marius Mason, Micah Schippa, Michael J. Bauman, Michelle Site, Molly Adams, Natani Notah, Nicolas Baird, Nikita Gale, Olivia Mole, Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited, Pinar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd, Plasticity (Gabriele Leo & Grazia Mappa), Pony Sweat (Emilia Richeson), POSADAS (Pablo Herza & Ignacio Hernández Murillo), Queer EcoJustice Project, Quinn Harrelson, Rachel Weaver – Weaver Zines, Rian Hammond, Rindon Johnson, Rollin Leonard, Rose Greenberg, Roy Martinez, Sabeen Chaudhry, Saewon Oh, Sarah Manuwal, Seth Price, Small Things, SoftCells, Sonja Gerdes, Sonya Lindfors, Sophia Le Fraga, Spencer Longo, Tailgate Projects (Kale Roberts), Teo Ala-Ruona, Tiger Dingsun, Tim Mann, UnderNewMGMT, Virtuellestheater, Willa Koerner, Yelena Zhelezov, YERBAMALA COLLECTIVE, Young Joon Kwak, Susanna Battin, Asha Bukojemsky, David Horvitz, Kate Kendall, Michael Mandiberg, Nina Sarnelle, Molly Tierney, Elia Vargas.

Thank you to the organizations who generously hosted Gas in their lots, parking spaces, driveways and curbs:

Acid Free Los Angeles, Angels Gate Cultural Center, ARVIA, BBQLA, Big Pictures Los Angeles, CalArts, California Carts, Days, Edendale Public Library, Feminist Center for Creative Work, FLAX, Gallery ALSO, Getty Museum, Hikawa & Zizia HQ, HILDE, Human Resources, LA Times Festival of Books at USC, LAVA Projects, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), Murmurs, NAVEL, Night Gallery, NowSpace, O’Project Space, Ochi Projects, Other Places Art Fair (OPAf), Queer Mall, San Fernando Valley Art Book Fair, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Steve Turner, The Pit, Tin Flats, Torrance Art Museum (TAM), Walt Disney Concert Hall

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