For each exhibition, Gas publishes a limited edition zine publication that features thematically-related original writing, interviews, etc. Download PDFs below.

Gas #7 Custom

This issue features a conversation between exhibiting artists Erick Medel and Kale Roberts (Tailgate Projects) discussing their customized truck art platforms and excerpts from Nikita Gale’s LOW MAINTENANCE: i only believe in horsepower now (2016).

Gas #6 Sonja Gerdes

A poster produced on the occasion of Sonja Gerdes solo exhibition Pie of Trouble. Stays Trouble. Belly on Belly. Let’s Hang. Breathe you infinite. Oxygenenergizer. Animal Creature Plant Breath Soul. The Energy Plan. Amorphous Hypersensibility. Do Ants Breathe? Nova. The Multiple Amorphous Us. Air For Free.

Gas #5 Ana Teo Ala-Ruona TWAH(=These Worlds Are Here)

Produced as a limited edition fundraiser publication, the zine features an interview with the artist, contributions by TWAH workshop participants Angi Brzycki, Jessica Fee, Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai, R. Kauff, Arin Krausz, Julia Mande, Renée Reizman, Bridgid Ryan, Daviel Shy, Soffia Stiassni, Kristof Trakal, Annabel Turrado, Udita Upadhyaya and a custom risograph cover designed by Anni Puolakka. For the TWAH writing workshop at NAVEL, Ala-Ruona invited trans-, non-binary, queer people and women to come together for thinking, dreaming and writing together about possible futures and worlds to come. The aim was to look for pleasure and enjoyment in writing as tools for naming and exploring the endless multiplicity, fluidity and transformation of needs, sexuality and gender, gaining autonomy and creating queer futures.

Gas #4 Anatomy of Oil

This issue features an interview with Dr. Matthew T. Huber, author of Lifeblood: Oil, Freedom, and the Forces of Capital (University of Minnesota Press, 2013) and contributions by exhibiting artists Susanna Battin, Kate Kendall, Nina Sarnelle and Elia Vargas.

Gas #3 take care,

This issue features an interview with theorist and scholar Sun-ha Hong, author of the forthcoming title Fabrications: Knowledge and uncertainty in a data-driven society (NYU Press: 2019) and an artist project by Soft Cells Presents: Jules Gimbrone.

Gas #2 Liquid Love

This issue features a conversation with artist Ann Hirsch regarding her series Cuts and the script from Olivia Mole’s piece Dud Ankress.

Gas #1 Fuck the Patriarchy

This issue features an interview with literary and religious scholar Joseph R. Winters, author of Hope Draped in Black: Race, Melancholy and the Agony of Progress (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2016).