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Roy Martinez, Fuck tha Patriarchy, 2017

Bumper sticker created by Los Angeles artist Roy Martinez. Put it on your car, skateboard, stroller, etc.

Bumper Sticker
Edition of 100
8″ x 2.40″

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Roy Martinez was born in Chicago, ILL in 1984, raised in Tejas, and currently resides in Los Angeles. First generation Mexican Zacatecanx-American born, queer, genderfuk. Interdisciplinary artist, with disciplines ranging from ceramics, sculpture, screenprinting, and installation work. Concentrating on cultural identity, gender identity, sexuality, femme-ness, oppression within US society via pop culture/representation, and technology in relation to art production/accessibility. They also run an online store that carries different items, ranging from artist produced zines and prints, to their own lyfestyle brand: Lambe Culo. They have received their BFA from CalArts ‘16 and are currently a CalArts MFA ‘18 Candidate. http://www.lambeculo.com/

Produced in conjunction with the exhibition Fuck the Patriarchy.