Sonja Gerdes

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Pie of Trouble. Stays Trouble. Belly on Belly. Let’s Hang. Breathe you infinite. Oxygenenergizer. Animal Creature Plant Breath Soul. The Energy Plan. Amorphous Hypersensibility. Do Ants Breathe? Nova. The Multiple Amorphous Us. Air For Free.

August 11-September 28, 2019

Sonja Gerdes’s practice investigates the relationship and interactions between the body, energy, and air and what it means to be human. Her starting point is a conceptual science fiction project called Oxygenenergizer (OE), which explores a future in which machines create energy from oxygen and “breathing” is recognized as the connecting force between all life and spirits on the planet. It speaks poetically about the contemporary human condition as an ongoing, infinite, fluid, adaptive movement despite the stark reality of climate change. Taking the form of a custom site-specific installation including textiles, sculpture, sound, and prints, the Gas truck gallery will be reconceived as a hub for the Oxygenenergizer. Visitors are invited to listen and mindfully breathe together within its structure, encouraging a sense of collectivity. This dimension is furthered by performances and interactive workshops that create meaningful dialogue around air and energy’s boundless potential. The exhibition creates a gathering place centered on the breath as a vital aspect of the human experience, while giving concrete shape to urgent conversations regarding the environment.